Lawyers, Engineers, Designers and International business experts.

Experienced professionals working around the world to visit companies wherever they are at any time.

We are located in Barcelona, but we work for clients and suppliers around Europe and Asia.


Ohae consulting offers specific services related to product development in different countries, International procurement and overall logistics of merchandise.

We are experts in Supply Chain and we will provide you necessary support to create products under your own brand.

We adapt our procedures to new entrepeneurs or multinational companies.

We can make your ideas happen through the seek of qualified suppliers in Asia or Europe according to your requirements and brand goals.


We study your product idea and we investigate materials and key feautures to determine place and suppliers to be contacted.


We carefully select a panel of bidders, we ask for samples to them in order to let you know if they are capable to achieve project goals or not.


Technical and commercial comparison between vendors is executed to bring you our expertise and recommend partners to create your product.

Supply Chain

We work with you to accomplish your anual goals according to your sales or distribution program. We immediately become your communication center involving every department related to the project with suppliers and logistics agents.

Let our team show you what we can do for you.

Our method




We protect your confidential information and communications with external companies. We issue documents, such as NDA, NNN and Procurement Contracts. We speak English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian, we are your translator in the world.


Experts in
International negotiations

Companies are used to have purchasing departments to safe money because experts negotiate on details with forwarders and suppliers, we will do that job for you. We will challenge suppliers until finding your objectives in price reduction and quantities.


We hold
your back!

We provide to our clients procedures and guidelines to every company sector in procurement and supply chain activities. Suppliers are carefully audited by our experts. Inspections and audits to companies are available to fully approve suppliers before selecting them or during manufacturing process.


Our portfolio of clients involves entrepreneurs, medium and large recognized companies, the strategic management of international trade is an advantage for all sectors in cost optimization and operations outsourcing.


Sustainable sport brand

Brand and products development including packaging + procurement activities and logistics arrangements (all from Asia to Spain)


Electronic and computer components

Products development including packaging + procurement activities and logistics arrangements (all from Asia to Switzerland).



Brand and products distribution + Export activities including logistics (all from Spain to Senegal).


Cosmetic brand

Product developments for fast fashion including internal and external packaging + procurement activities and logistics arrangements (all from Asia to Spain)

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